Check Out These Stunning Photos Of Secret Solstice, The Icelandic Music Festival Where The Sun Never Sets

Photos by Michael James Murray.

Iceland is a place that has always fascinated me as a photographer and filmmaker. I’ve been several times over the past 10 years, each time focusing on capturing beautiful landscapes this place has to offer. In November of 2015 while visiting, I met two folks who were hiking to see Svartifoss in Vatnajkull National Park, AKA The Black Waterfall, and soon learned one of them was also working in the music industry. It turns out he was the director of marketing for a music festival called Secret Solstice. This year, I got a chance to travel back to Iceland to photograph the event in full.

Solstice is now in it’s third year, and perhaps it’s biggest and most successful one to date, with headliners ranging from Radiohead to house heroes like Kerri Chandler, as well as a party in an actual volcano. Beyond the music though, I’d say the most interesting thing about going this time of year is that it’s when Iceland experiences perpetual sunlight. As a photographer, this is a dream scenario where it’s daylight all day long, well into the night hours, so you never have to worry about not having enough light. For example, I’d literally just finished watching Radiohead and started my walk back to the city center when the sun was ‘setting’ at midnight. It was soon rising again only three short hours later, so if I wanted to, I could continue shooting.

I’ll look forward to coming back to the festival again next year. In the meantime, I’m carrying on my adventures in Iceland filming a documentary, exploring more of this magical land. Check out some of my photos of Radiohead, Die Antwoord, the Icelandic landscape, and some fans, below.

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