A Conversation From A Rave Road Trip With Derek Plaslaiko

Derek Plaslaiko is one of the finest DJs to come out of Detroit’s mid-90s techno scene. The current Berlin resident is known for playing extended sets that test the very limits of what might be considered house or techno, with a fearless attitude that’s guided him through several important residencies over the past 20 years, including Family and Untitled in Detroit, and The Bunker in NYC. It’s also the sort of musical muse that lead him to play an hour of hip-hop during his record-breaking 12-plus hour DJ set streamed from his living room on Boiler Room in 2014.

“In Detroit, you could play anything you wanted,” he says of the environment where he developed his DJ discipline. Derek drove down the California freeway with host Joshua Glazer for a casual conversation unlike any other you’ve heard on Rave Curious. Check it out.

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Daft Punk's New Windbreaker Is Too Fab Not To Wear In This Heatwave

Image via Daft Punk’s website

Three years have passed since Daft Punk released their Grammy-winning comeback album, Random Access Memories, and since there’s not even an inkling of an idea as to when any new music will drop from the iconic duo, fans are making do with all the official merchandise they can get their hands on.

The French robots have just rolled out their new line of Summer-themed merchandise on their website, which comes rife with their nostalgia-inducing, stylized advertisements. Daft Punk fanatics can lay out or wrap up post-swim in a branded beach towel, or they can become a gilded human furnace in a sweet silver or gold reversible windbreaker, which is an odd sartorial choice in the midst of a toasty summer, but never fearthere’s also a branded bandanna to help mop up the inevitable pools of sweat.

For for the real die-hards, there’s the new “Declassified” line of merchandise, which is described on the below poster as “authentic, never before owned Daft Punk memorabilia, previously ‘CLASSIFIED’ and stored away for safe keeping.” Each itemwhich ranges from vintage tour shirts, patches, to toysis guaranteed to come from original first run stock and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. So if you don’t want to wear your love for Daft Punk on your sleeve, you can put it on display in a dust-collecting collectors box, never to be worn or used in the hopes that it’ll make you massive bank one day on eBay.

View the ads below, and head to Daft Punk’s website to scope the new line.

Did A Reddit User Just Uncover A New Justice Track?

Photo courtesy of the artists

The latest development in Justice’s long-overdue comeback has given fans cause to D.A.N.C.E in celebration. Nine years on from the release of their debut album, Cross, and five from their last release, Audio, Video, Disco, a new song seems to have emerged from the iconic French duo, thanks to the handy sleuthing work of one Shazam-wielding Redditor.

The latest chapter in Justice’s slow-burning saga began inconspicuously last month with what was otherwise an ordinary DJ set at Barcelona’s Snar Festival by Busy P, Boston Bun, and Para One of French label and collective Ed Banger (also home to Justice). The first track of the two-hour set, an unidentified dreamy, space disco groover, caught the attention of outlets such as The French Shuffle, which speculated that the duo might be behind it, despite the sound being quite removed from their typical jagged electro.

Once the article made it to Reddit, user Ronny_t37 put the track to song-identifying app Shazam (via iPhone’s Siri), which pulled up a track called “Safe And Sound” by one Justice. THUMP has reached out to Justice’s publicist for confirmation of the track and is awaiting a response.

Justice’s return has been unfolding at a drip-feed pace. Ed Banger boss Busy P first hinted at a new album from the duo of Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Aug back in 2013 during a Reddit AMA, and then confirmed in 2015 that it was indeed on the way. Last year, they also came out of hiding for a select handful of appearances, including a guest mix on NTS Radio, a DJ set at London’s XOYO, and a NYE performance in New York. In April, their label, Because Music, posted a photo on Twitter of them signing paperwork.

Watch Ed Banger at Snar below and hope that more Justice music surfaces sooner rather than later.

Squarepusher Responds To Brexit Vote With Global Collaborative Remix Project

Photo via Flickr user friend five

has announced a global-wide remix project on his website in protest of last week’s Brexit vote.

“It has amplified many divisions in society and in particular has helped to re-establish xenophobia as legitimate and acceptable,” the iconic UK-based IDMproducer wrote about the referendum. “Witnessing this against the global backdrop of a resurgence of the far-right, it’s essential that those who find these developments unacceptable make their thoughts known and take action.”

In response to the aftermath of the referendum vote, Squarepusher crafted a song titled “Midi Sans Frontieres” and offered a finished mix down of the track on his website along with the audio stems of the instrumentals, scores, and a midi file of the “note to note information.” Participants can create their own interpretation or remix of the track and get it listed on his website so long as they title it “Midi Sans Frontieres.”

“I present it as the basis of an internationalist collaboration with sound makers irrespective of what kind of music they make, where they live, their background, their ageall are invited to participate,” he wrote about the project’s goals.

Learn more about the project and download the files on Squarepusher’s website. In 2015, we interviewed Squarepusher about his 14th studio album. Last week, other members of the electronic music community responded to the controversial vote.

This Researcher Believes The EDM 'Drop' Holds The Key To Understanding Craving Disorders

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Kiralee Musgrove, a Melbourne University researcher, is seeking volunteers who enjoy EDM for a new study. In an interview with 774 ABC Melbourne, Musgrove said, “We’re looking for people to help us understand why and how certain people crave what we call ‘the drop’ when they’re listening to electronic music.” The university has requested Melbourne-based volunteers proficient in English between the ages of 18 and 40 who enjoy EDM and do not have any hearing difficulties.

Waiting for “the drop“where instruments, rhythms and the volume ascend to a peak before the song transitions to the normal rhythmis “a very predictable formula,” according to Musgrave, yet also potentially a key pillar to his ongoing study.

Because people use music as a tool to regulate their emotions, understanding why EDM fans crave the drop will help researchers create therapies for people with craving disorders including eating disorders, substance abuse disorders or self-harm issues. In 2014, we created a short documentary about the rise of superstar DJs titled, Waiting for the Drop.

NYC Mayor's Office Convened A 'Brainstorm Session' To Help Improve The City's Music Industry

Photo from Pixabay.

Representatives from more than 75 companies or organizationsincluding labels, management companies, recording studios, promoters, venue owners, brands, and musiciansgathered this past Tuesday for the first “New York City Music Industry Convening.” Organized by the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME), the industry-wide “brainstorm session” was created to determine ways in which the city can continue and improve its support of the music industry and its creators.

Until the appointment of new MOME commissioner Julie Menin, the office only had focused on film, television, and theater. It now includes music as well as digital content, advertising, and real estate pertaining to the arts. “There was a tremendous response from everyone in the room,” Menin told Billboard. “Everyone was excited that music is now housed within a City agency that, soup to nuts, is going to deal with issues within the music business, both focused on bringing new opportunities to New York City and being supportive of the music industry.”

The meeting comes at a particularly fraught time in the city’s music scene, as a number of beloved performance venues closed within the last decade, including the likes of CBGB, Roseland Ballroom, Death by Audio, 285 Kent, Glasslands, Cameo Gallery and most recently, Palisades. Rising rent costs and restrictive city regulations have thus made it difficult for new venues to open in reaction to the closures.

“We were hearing the same kinds of issues emanating from the music industry; that when they’re opening up new businesses there are a lot of different agencies to deal with and a number of different regulations,” Menin said. “So one of the ideas that we discussed was to have someone in the office to almost serve as an expediter to help navigate different regulatory requirements.”

In addition to adding someone to their office to answer questions about city regulations, the office has also supported the Empire State Music Production Tax Credit, while will provide tax breaks for music projects records in the state of New York. The new state legislature is still waiting to be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Britt Julious is on Twitter.

DāM-FunK And Nite Jewel's New EP, 'Nite-Funk,' Is Streaming Now

Photo courtesy of DM-FunK

DM-FunK and Nite Jewel first began their series of collaborations nearly seven years ago when the two (as Nite-Funk) dropped the single, “Am I Gonna Make It.” Last summer, they offered “Can You Read Me?” featuring their signature brand of lilting vocals and throwback synths. On Friday, Nite-Funk dropped their first EP, a self-titled, four-track collection of modern funk on Glydezone Recordings, DM-FunK’s new record label.

Stream Nite-Funk on Apple Music. Listen to “Let Me Be Me,” the first single from Nite-Funk below. In June, Nite Jewel shared her most recent record purchases. In 2015, we met up with DM-FunK in London.

Discogs Will Host Their First Crate Diggers Record Fair In Berlin

Photo via Flickr user Marc Wathieu

After successful events in Portland, Los Angeles and Miami, Discogs will bring their Crate Diggers record fair to Berlin. This will mark the first Crate Diggers event in Europe. In partnership with the Grimey record label, Crate Diggers combines a massive record fair with a series of afterparties. Past afterparty guests included Dam-Funk and Theo Parrish.

Crate Diggers will take place at Prince Charles on September 24. A lineup announcement and vendor information will be announced soon on the Crate Diggers Facebook page. In 2015, we beta tested Discogs’ app.

The Avalanches Revealed The Samples On Their New Album, 'Wildflower'

‘Wildflower’ album cover from The Avalanches.

In anticipation of the release of Wildflower, the Avalanches first album in 16 years which dropped Friday, Australia’s Triple J spoke with the group about the myriad of samples that comprise the record. Like their debut, Since I Left You, their sophomore release is an eclectic and densely-packed work of art filled with random, left-of-center sounds and field recordings the group has collected over the years.

Their 15-second opening track, “The Leaves Were Falling,” features a sample from a 1950s home recording by Dion McGregor, an American somniloquist. “Frankie Sinatra,” the first single from the new record features a sample of a song called “Bobby Sox Idol” by a 1930s calypso singer named Wilmouth Houdini.

It also includes a sample of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. “My favorite part about this song is the ‘Favorite Things’ sample, because growing up with five brothers and sisters we used to all watch musicals and The Sound of Music was one of the favorites,” said band member Tony Di Blasi. “We were like little Von Trapp family singers ourselves.”

And “Subways,” their latest single, features a sample of Chandra Oppenheim’s “Subways” from 1980. She was only 12 at the time of her recording. “It must be very strange for her today to hear her 12-year-old self sampled in another dimension exploded around in space and time, coming back out through the radio again,” said band member Robbie Chater.

Read the entire interview on Triple J’s website and stream Wildflower below. Last month, we interviewed Chandra Oppenheim about what it feels like to get sampled 36 years later.

The Bug To Release New 12-inch In August

Image from Ninja Tune

UK-based producer The Bug will release his latest 12-inch, Box/Iceman, on August 5th through Ninja Tune. This latest, four-track release will feature grime MCs Riko Dan on “Iceman,” and D Double E on “Box.” In addition to their two contributions, the 12-inch will also include instrumentals of “Iceman” and “Box.” This will be The Bug’s first major solo release since his 2014 album Angels & Devils.

Listen to “Box” below. In 2014, we talked to The Bug about his war on mediocrity.

Russian Authorities Have Cancelled Moscow's Outline Festival

Screenshot of Outline 2015 via Vimeo

Russian authorities have cancelled Moscow’s Outline Festival. The event was set to begin Saturday night.

Late yesterday afternoon, festival organizers announced the cancellation on their Facebook page. “The Festival will be held not beyond the control of the organizers of the reasons,” the organizers posted. “The money for the tickets will be returned.”

According to Russian media reports, the festival organizers failed to meet requirements for fire safety and permitting. However, festival organizers and performers reject this claim. On her Facebook page, Magda said, “This afternoon government officials entered the Outline grounds unannounced and prevented the organizers and works from setting up the festival’s stages, installations and infrastructuredespite the fact that Outline applied for and received all permits and licenses necessary to throw the event in a legally appropriate amount of time.”

Police were later sent to what would have been the site of the festival (Moscow’s MoZAL plant) to control a crowd of about 20 people in fear of any public protests or rioting.

Scheduled performers for the event included Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo, Daniel Bell, Magda, Ron Morelli, and Varg. Outline first originated in 2009 and expanded to a two-day festival in 2014. Last month, we asked The Mole what to expect during our first trip to Moscow for Outline.

Britt Julious is on Twitter.

LCD Soundsystem Curated A Music Festival On The Beach

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Riviera Maya’s Beach Vibes Festival is back and this year, they’ve asked LCD Soundsystem to curate the lineup. The recently-reunited group will headline two of the three days of the festival. Other scheduled acts include Carl Craig, DJ Harvey, The Black Madonna, Museum of Love and the Juan MacLean.

The Beach Vibes Festival takes place January 26-28, 2017 in Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Packages for the all-inclusive festival are available for purchase. View the entire lineup below and plan your vacations accordingly.