We Asked America's Top Club Security Expert How Venues Can Prepare For Active Shooter Situations

Nightclub security expert Robert C. Smith teaches defense tactics. All photos courtesy Robert C. Smith.

The tragedy at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last month unnerved the whole nation, but it left nightclub goersand especially those from the queer community, who have long looked to clubs like Pulse as a refugeespecially terrified. These spaces serve the unique purpose of providing escape and protection from an often hostile outside world; they’re last place you’d expect to have to confront violence, which means that venue owners, security personnel, and fans alike are often unprepared for it when it happens. Fortunately, there are some who are working to keep you safe, and to stop tragedies like this from ever happening again.

Robert C. Smitha former police officer from San Diego and the founder of the Nightclub Security Consultantsis one of them. In 1998, while still on the police force, he arrested a bouncer for assaulting a rowdy bar-goer. Robert was shocked at how easily the altercation could have been prevented with a bit of simple training, and started his company the same year to “assist operators to create the environment to allow for good times and safety. “ For the past 18 years, Robert has trained nightclubs and security personnel all across the country, and has even helped write legislation in California requiring bouncers to complete 16 hours of on-the-job trainingin fields like Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Awarenessbefore they’re licensed to operate permanently in the job. These days, he regularly lectures to the public on matters ranging from Fake IDs to how to deal with active shooters.

The Nightclub Security Consultants offer classes and training courses online and in the state of California, but Robert was willing to give us some free advice in the name of making clubs safer worldwide, barring tighter restrictions on gun ownership in countries like the U.S. We spoke about the importance of preparedness and a couple of other tips to keep venues safe.

THUMP: You got your start because you had to arrest a bouncer on an assault chargecan you tell me more about that?
Robert C. Smith: It was in San Diego, 98. I was a police officer. don’t exist. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it couldn’t happen to you, no matter where you are.

Grimes Made "A Mix Of Weird Stuff” For BBC Radio 3’s ‘Late Junction’ Show

Photo courtesy of the artist

Earlier this week, Canadian experimental-pop artist Grimes shared a mix she compiled for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction show. The 30-minute session is an unsurprisingly diverse exploration of her influences, starting out with Aphex Twin’s 1992 track “Xtal” before dipping into classically trained cellist Kelsey Lu, sultry R&B from The Internet, Indian film soundtracks, and a track from electronic band Animal Collective.

“I tried to include kind of a mix of weird stuff that I like that’s old, and some newer stuff I love that inspires me, and all-time favorite songs,” Grimes says at the top of the show.

The mix started what would turn out to be a big week for Grimes, whose latest album, Art Angels, was yesterday announced as a shortlist contender for Canada’s Polaris Prize, which recognizes full-length works of its country’s artists. She was previously nominated for 2012 for her third studio album, Visions. Listen to the mix over at the BBC website.


01 Aphex Twin ‘Xtal’
02 Kelsey Lu ‘Morning After Coffee’
03 Delerium ‘Aria’ Feat. Medival Bbes
04 Shonen Knife ‘Ah, Singapore’
05 Yamantaka//Sonic Titan ‘Hoshi Neko’
06 The Internet ‘Special Affair’
07 Kali Uchis ‘Ridin Round’
08 Dil Se (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ‘Satarangi Re’
09 Bajirao Mastani (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ‘Deewani Mastani’
10 Tei Shi- ‘Basically’
11 HANA ‘Chimera’
12 Now Now ‘Thread’
13 Animal Collective ‘We Tigers’

Prefuse73 And Michael Christmas Share New Track, “Popstar Shit,” As Fudge

Photo courtesy of the artists.

After debuting last month with “In My Shoes,” Fudgethe newly-formed duo of veteran beat-maker experimentalist Prefuse73 and up-and-coming Boston MC, Michael Christmasshared a new track today, “Popstar Shit.”

At just over two and a half minutes long, “Popstar Shit” is criminally short, but it’s an enjoyable, adrenaline-fueled drift across the cosmos nonetheless; its sweeping galactic bleeps and vast synths drive Christmas’ confident, smirking delivery. “Christmas is a genius and people just have to accept it,” Prefuse73 told Mass Appeal in a recent interview. Listen to the track below.

Both “In My Shoes” and “Popstar Shit” will appear on Fudge’s upcoming debut album, Lady Parts, which is scheduled for release on September 9 via LEX Records. According to the label website, the duo came together last year to record at Nick Hook’s Green Point studio, where Christmas wrote lyrics to the various beats Prefuse73 brought on his hard drive. One of the songs on Lady Parts features D.R.A.M., whose inclusion came about when he dropped by a recording session and ended up recording himself.

Anthony Parasole And Volvox Kick Off Pittsburgh’s The Weekend Send Block Parties

Anthony Parasole. Photo courtesy of artist.

This weekend, Ace Hotel Pittsburgh is teaming up with local underground club staple Hot Mass to kick off its new summer block party series, The Weekend Send. “Pittsburgh has been asking for this for a while, and we’re ready to do it,” according to the official Facebook event page.

The first daytime patio party will take place from 19 PM on Sunday, July 17 in Mignonette Alley next to the Ace, where attendees can pay a suggested donation price between $5-20 for admission. Headlining the debut event are Berghain resident Anthony Parasole, who will play a special house set, and Discwoman’s Volvox. They’ll be supported by local DJs Jwan Allen and Allison Cosby.

View the event flyer below, and as the event page puts it, “get ready to sweat.” Future dates for The Weekend Send have been scheduled for Sunday, August 7, and Sunday, September 4.

Check Out These Amazing Photos Of A Record Store Made Out Of Lego

All photos courtesy of Chris Cooper.

While Chris Cooper, an illustrator and artist who works as COOP, was waiting for sketch approvals to come back from a commercial job, he alleviated his boredom by building a model record store out of Lego.

“I’ve been getting back into Lego since my son was born, and I’ve been doing these little buildings that Lego sells as sets,” the Los Angeles-based artist told THUMP via email. “I wanted to try to build a custom one, and a record store was my first choice, since that’s where I spend a lot of my time.”

Cooper dubbed the store Brick Town Records, a name his friend and New Jersey-based DJ Pat Longo suggested. Complete with replica sleeves of Cooper’s own wax collection, he based Brick Town Record on one of his favorite stores, Permanent Records in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood. “It’s one of my favorite stores in town, and always has a fantastic selection of cool stuffthey’ve got great taste,” he said.

The LPs adorning the walls of Brick Town Records include Kraftwerk’s self-titled debut album, David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and Big Star’s #1 Record. “I shrunk ’em down in photoshop to fit on Lego tiles, then printed them out on sticker paper. That was the most time-consuming part of the projectcutting out all those little covers with an x-acto knife,” he said.

Cooper added: “I had to spend some time online hunting down Lego mini that looked like typical record store hipster customersluckily they made a lumberjack figure and a goth girl.”

Move D And Madteo Rub Shoulders In This Week's Seven Most Played

This article was originally published on THUMP UK.

Normally we introduce Seven Most Played with a paragraph long preamble about whatever’s happened in the last week that we can really tenuously use as a way of saying, “here are seven really good things we’ve been listening to.” And then the referendum happened and we’ve found ourselves starting this column by going, “Yup, things are getting worse and worse somehow.” So we won’t do that this week. What we’ll do instead is just go straight into our (as-ever) immaculate selections

This week’s seen new releases from Joy Orbison and Omar-S, Blawan’s transformation into Bored Young Adults, and Samo DJ give Kornl Kovcs the aural equivalent of an early-morning backrub. On the mix front, we’ve got a gritty run of deep house straight from Madteo’s archives, some absurdly brutal breakneck techno from DJ Sleeves, and a funk, disco, and boogie heavy set from Move D’s time at Freerotation last week.

Check it all out below.

1. CO/R – Dripback

2. Bored Young Adults Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach

3. Omar-S – Free EP

4. Madteo – $REET #122

5. Kornl Kovcs – Josey’s Tune (Samo DJ Remix)

6. K.N.Y.X. R.A.D.I.O. DJ Sleeves Crash Site Mix

7. Move D – Freerotation 2016

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Alex Paterson From The Orb Picked His 10 Favorite Punk Records Ever

This article was originally published on THUMP UK.

You might remember that we tried to interview Alex Paterson from the Orb last year. In fact, we actually did interview him. But we’d forgotten to turn the dictaphone on. So the interview was nothing more than a pleasant memory. This time round, we’ve smashed it. We can only hope that Alex is as happy as we are about it.

Before he was part of the Orb, Alex Paterson was a punk. An actual punk. The kind of punk you see Stuart Maconie waxing lyrical about on old talking head shows. In fact, Alex was so dedicated to the punk ethos that he was a roadie for Killing Joke. Killing Joke’s bassist was a bloke called Youth. Youth and Alex were old pals. At the end of this month, they’ll be reunited on stage when Youth, and Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols, join the Orb for a special performance of their seminal album Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld at the Electric in Brixton.

With that in mind, we asked Alex Paterson, former punk rocker, to pick his 10 favorite punk rock records ever.

1 The Damned – New Rose

This was the first punk single, from back in the autumn of 1976, and it’s still the most anti-everything song in the universe. Which isn’t bad for a band from Croydon.

2. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Gods Of The After Life. The band of the century for me. I saw them many times. And they even went on a short British tour with Killing Joke in 1980!

3. The Clash – White Riot

The first album was a classic. Proper angry youth for a country going to pot. I saw them several times and “Complete Control” still gets played on WNBC, the radio station I have a show on.

4. The Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen

This was the number one record for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Enough said. It’s truly our anthem of despair. God saves. Remember: “She ain’t no human being.” Wonder what David Icke makes of that?

5. The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love?

There’s multitudes of music from the other Manchester band of the 70s. They wrote the best pop songs for a lost generation of benefits and dole queue masses.

6. Adam and the Ants – Plastic Surgery

Adam and the Ants actually put on one of the best gigs of the 70s, and it’ll always live on in my soul. This particular record was sone you’d hear everywhere from the Music Machine and the Roxy to the Electric Ballroom in Camden. A total classic.

7. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden

A classic song about their local Chinese in Chislehurst. I met my girlfriend Annette at a Banshees gig in February ’78 at the Croydon Greyhound.

8. Tubeway Army – Are Friends Electric?

I love this track. Even now it still sounds fresh. I saw them as early as ’78. I was told by my mates I shouldn’t go see this band, because they had no guitar!

9. Ultravox – Hiroshima Mon Amour

Another one I loveit’s still a favorite round these parts. I saw them at the Roundhouse in ’77 .John Foxx was the singer then and they recorded three brilliant albums the first being produced by Brian Eno.

10. Johnny Thunders & The Heart Breakers – Chinese Rocks

The best gig I ever went to was this lot at the Lyceum in 1977. It felt like the beginning of World War Three and the end of days rolled into one.

The Orb play Electric Brixton on July 29th.

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Massive Attack Cancel Nice Performance After Deadly Attack

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Following the truck attack on Nice, France yesterday (July 14) that killed 84 people and left dozens more injured, musicians are canceling their scheduled performances in the city.

Bristol trip-hop group Massive Attack, who were scheduled to perform on Tuesday, July 19 as part of this weekend’s Nice Jazz Festival are among the acts canceling performances. “In light of the tragic and senseless events in Nice our show on Tuesday is cancelled,” they wrote on social media, adding, “toutes nos pensees vont aux victimes” (All our thoughts are with the victims). The rest of their European summer tour will go on as planned.

Organizers of the Nice Jazz Festival have also cancelled their event. It was to host George Clinton, Gallant, Parov Stelar, Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters, and more. The Jazz A Juan Festival has also cancelled their performances for July 15, 16, and 18. Rihanna has also cancelled her standalone show scheduled for tonight.

However, one musician is keen on keeping spirits high. Dillon Francis tweeted earlier today, “Tomorrow I will be in France with @djsnake and we will bring positivity happiness and love to our show for all of you…on vous aime.”

TSA Agents Slipped A Heartwarming Note Into The Bag Of This Veteran DJ Warning Him To Protect His Classic Records

Photo by Lyndon French.

Traveling around with a bag of records can be a daunting task for any globe-trotting DJ, and one not free of the occasional fiasco. But for veteran house DJ and producer, Mike Huckaby, his latest trip from Detroit over to NYC (tonight he’ll be performing another of his Sun Ra-edit sets in Brooklyn) was met with a pleasant, unexpected surprise. According to a Facebook post, when picking up his luggage from baggage claim today at JFK airport he discovered a inspection-notice from TSA along with a handwritten note that read: “Too many classics to be left with little or no protection.” Further on in the comments, Huckaby noted that the security agents event went so far as to place a zip lock on his bag, reportedly in order to help protect some of the precious wax in his possession. Check out the full post below, and head here for last-minute tickets to Huckaby’s gig tonight, where luckily he’ll have a full bag of records!

Lee Foss, Desert Hearts, And More Rally For Chicago Benefit Festival One City

Image via the One City Facebook event page.

A new festival is coming to Chicago, and it’s bring a cause along with it. Local dance music event promoter Paradigm has teamed up with Collaboractiona local theater company exploring critical social issuesto produce One City, a benefit festival for raising “awareness and funds to unify and increase the peace in Chicago,” according to the Collaboraction website.

Scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 6 at Space Stage Studios, One City will host performances from local peace activists and musicians, in addition to some side theater. Chicago-born producer Lee Foss, Anabel Englund, and local house stalwart, Gene Farris, top the newly-released lineup, which also features Southern California’s Desert Hearts crew.

“I’m a proud Chicagoan and always will be and also have been blessed to have all the opportunity in the world,” Foss told THUMP over email. “The current violence in my hometown cuts me to the core, these are deeply entrenched social issues married to a complete institutional dysfunction and the sooner everyone starts to take part in the dialogue and contribute their time, money and energy the sooner the city can start to heal and work on these social issues. When i was offered the opportunity to perform at a fundraiser/festival to give something back I jumped at the chance as it’s an issue that really hits close to home for me and that I hope all Chicagoans can all roll up our sleeves and at least try to to do our part to help.”

An invitation to One City can be acquired with a $20 donation, and donations of $100 or more grants a VIP ticket. All proceeds go to Collaboraction’s Peace of the Solution campaign, which supports the company’s Peacebook festival and other annual programming. View the lineup below and donate here.

Zeds Dead And Diplo Team Up On Roaring New Track “Blame”

Photo courtesy of the artists

Over the last year, Diplo has paired up in the studio with many a mainstream heavyweight, from reigning pop prince Justin Bieber, to Madonna, to the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce, blurring the lines between club-primed dance music and radio-friendly hits. His newest collaboration, “Blame” with Toronto duo Zeds Dead and Swedish electronic singer Elliphant, sees him once again straddle those aforementioned lines with a track that’s pop-leaning yet suitable for giant festival stages.

“Blame” will appear on the Zeds Dead’s upcoming debut album Northern Lights, which is due out sometime in September on the duo’s own Deadbeats label. The track is unapologetically Zeds Dead with its drilling dubstep, but also takes on more of a pop structure with its vocal focus. No stranger to pop himself, Diplo’s influence can be heard in the softer spots of the tune, allowing Elliphant to take center stage.

According to Pitchfork, Northern Lights will feature artists including Pusha T, Twin Shadow Jadakiss, Styles P, and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. The album will be accompanied by an international tour stretching to the end of the year. View all dates here, and listen to the new track below.

M.I.A. Shares New, Skrillex-Produced Track, “Go Off”

Photo courtesy of artist

UPDATE : “Go Off” is officially here. Listen to it here or over at the BBC site.

English rapper M.I.A. has been going back and forth about whether or not to leak her upcoming album, AIM, but one thing’s for certain: it will feature in-demand producer Skrillex.

After hinting at the team-up last November, the song, titled “Go Off” (which also features regular M.I.A. collaborator Blaqstarr), is scheduled to finally hit the masses tomorrow (July 15) as the LP’s lead single. Boasting lines such as “Fans back home / Got my tracks bang on / Yeah you got it wrong / Cause my focus is so strong,” it sounds prime for Skrillex’s riling lead-ups and explosive choruses.

Ahead of its release, she premiered the lyrics for “Go Off” on Genius, which can be read here. Fans were able to hear a full preview today thanks to Annie Mac, who premiered it on BBC Radio 1 as her Hottest Record in the World.

AIM is scheduled for release on September 9. On September 24, M.I.A. will headline Afropunk in London.

Image via Genius