Negative Gemini Pares Down Her Sound With Airy Instrumental Track "Nu Hope"

Brooklyn artist Lindsey French, AKA Negative Gemini, is back after her last release with “Nu Hope,” another cut from her forthcoming Body Work album out August 12 on George Clanton’s 100% Electronica. The track is one of French’s first releases thus far to not include her vocals, and focuses more on her production chopsin this case a pairing of ethereal synths and some seriously deep basslines.

“‘Nu Hope’ is the first song on the second side of the album and the one I usually like to start my live sets with,” French told THUMP over email about the track. “There’s a lot of focus on the bass in this track, something I put a lot more emphasis on with this album overall than in my previous works. I like the different ways those lower frequencies can lead a song, and the way they can carry and fill a room. I wanted the sound to envelop the listener and to suggest a floating sensation.”

Check out the track below and head here for more info.

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